Journal #14

Dear Diary,
          Didn't do a journal last night. Thought about it, didn't feel like doing one. Just not motivated, I guess. Short sentences today, if you haven't noticed. Sigh. Our choir was supposed to have tour at the elementary schools tomorrow. Found out today that I couldn't go to that because of what happened on Tuesday. Apparently, they counted my half-day off as a suspension. Ugh, I hate this. Not just this, my life too. But I guess I said that the other day. Ermahgerd, this sucks! The guy that I punched is fine, but he told me about the big purple bruise on his chest. He said it still hurts. In my head, when he said that, I wanted to say, "Well duh, that's what happens with bruises, smart one." But I'm not as mean as I seem, so I didn't say that. I just kinda kept it in my head, like a stupid person does. Scratch that last one out, it's not just stupid people who hold their thoughts in. Sorry. I'm sorry. So sorry..
Ugh, this sucks! I don't like this, I really don't. Ugh. This sucks. Sorry I'm being such a downer, I actually was kinda happier today. Probably because of the sudden sunshine and warmth that's been coming up yesterday and today. I'll most likely be happier tomorrow too, mostly because of the predicted sunshine and the fact that it'll be Friday. For once in this past month, yay. Truly, yay. Ya know, you should try to be happy tomorrow, too. Bye for now.<33


The End

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