Journal #13

Dear Diary,
          Merr,, sorry I didn't write one yesterday. Guess I just forgot to post a journal. Today was eventful enough. I don't think I've been this emotionally exhausted since Mom died. I accidentally (don't ask how it was accidental) punched a guy in the chest today. I guess I really didn't know how hard I'd hit him until he just sat there hugging himself and clutching his chest for a few minutes. I had no idea I could hit that hard. But anyways, I got sent home from school after lunch. Today also just so happened to be the night of the band/choir/orchestra concert. Like they were gonna let me perform in that after what I pulled in the cafeteria. Ughh, why do I have to make my life so hard? I also tend to ruin my family member's lives along with mine. If I weren't such a brute of a girl, if I weren't a tomboy, if my mom weren't dead, if I'd made better choices, if I was a different person.. then maybe, just maybe, I wouldn't hate my life as much as I do.
Have a nice life, whoever you are.


The End

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