Journal #12

Dear Diary,
          Nope! No computer tomorrow. Maybe Sunday, but I wouldn't count on it. Okay, so I had this thought since I'm a St. Louis Cardinals fan who just so happens to be going to none other than Chicago, that I could wear one of my Cards' shirts & my STL necklace and then walk into a room full of Cubbies fans and say, "Wassssup mah homies??!" Unfortunately, Aunt Sally didn't seem too enthused about a teenage girl getting beat up by a bunch of burly men in Chicago. >.> So anywho, I also just had to pick out a swimsuit to wear, as we will be swimming in these freezing conditions. Just kidding, it's an indoor pool! XD Not that you care about that stuff. Sigh, Mathematics Session 3 was today. And luckily our last ISAT for this year! :DD It was easier than I thought it would be. Today's math was only two extended response questions where we had to come up with the answer, show our work, and then explain how we got that answer. It wasn't hard, but it was kinda tedious. Can you believe that two math problems took 40 minutes? Ugh! Welp, at least it's over with. I probably won't see you until Sunday night or Monday, so farewell till then!^^


The End

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