Journal #10

Dear Diary,
          It's Wednesday, but it really feels like Monday. I guess it's because of the Snow Day we had yesterday. Ah well, today was okay for the most part. I have a band concert this upcoming Tuesday and I have a piccolo solo in one of our songs. I'm really pumped for it. :DD There was a bad part too, though. Just found out my boyfriend's grandpa has cancer, so he's really down in the dumps. Off topic: I swear, sometimes that boy's hair drives me crazy. He's a natural ginger, but he dyed it blonde/yellow because of the spirit colors for our school's wrestling team. it makes me wanna run my hands through his hair infinitely, just to see how it feels. But ANYWHOOO.. >.> Uhm. Okay. So. ISAT's continuing and I had to guess on more problems in Mathematics Session 2 than I did in Session 1. Bleh. And we had extended response questions in Reading Session 2. I think I did pretty well on that, though. I think I'll like my test scores overall.^^ Tomorrow's Thursday and we'll have Session 3 in Reading and Mathematics. After that, I'm not sure. We're not testing in Science because we did that last year, so we'll probably be doing Writing Sessions 1, 2, and maybe 3. But then again, who knows? I certainly don't. I do suppose I should be getting off here though, since I have to go wash the hair dye out of my hair and then head to bed. I have Choir rehearsal at 7:00 in the morning. G'night!


The End

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