Journal #9

Dear Diary,
          Yupp, I decided to do two journals today instead of one. Huh. Kinda feels weird, considering I've already posted one for Tuesday. But as you know, today was a Snow Day! :DD moneymaker and I were stuck this morning with shoveling the driveway for I dunno how long. Afterwards, we ate some weird cream of wheat thingy and heated ourselves some hot chocolate. Omnomnom! :3 And we (once again) tried to finish our poor snowman, but to no avail. There was also much editing today with one of Moneymaker's essays, which was an expedition in which I wish to never do again. Sigh, these last few weeks have been the most emotional and FREAKIEST times I have ever had. I wonder why. The emotion probably roots from my mother; the freaky stuff.. Welp, that's all JFreak. Hence the "freaky". JFreak? Get it? Ahahahahh.. ha.... haah. =.=' But anywho! I had a nice day. Hope you did too!^^


The End

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