Journal #8

Dear Diary,
         Sorry I didn't post a journal yesterday. I wasn't on the computer at all. ;w; I had a fun time though, for the most part. ISAT's started up today. Good grief! I spent the whole first 80 minutes of my school day with Mathematics Session 1 and Reading Session 1. Honestly though, neither of them were as hard as I though they'd be. Then, the whole rest of the day was leisurely time. "Relax!" "Take a load off!" "We'll just sit back and watch a movie!" the teachers all said. Such nice treatment from such nice teachers.^^ Last night, Moneymaker and I went with my aunt and uncle and my grandma  to church. Church on a Monday night! Didn't know it was possible. But apparently it is. Anywho, we all went to Denny's afterward, just for a nighttime snack. Us four ladies all got hot chocolate to sip on and my uncle simply got coffee. Black. Eww. But anyways, we also ordered mozzarella sticks and Moneymaker ordered fries (go figure). So overall, I think I had a nice day. And I would be in the process of getting ready for another one, but today just so happens to be a SNOW DAY~!! Odd, considering how my school district almost never takes time off for weather. Ah well, it's all for the best I suppose. Gives me another chance to work on that snowman. Chow!


The End

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