Journal #7

Dear Diary,
          Well hello there, my lovelies! Moneymaker and I were making a snowman today.. it's kind of a work in progress. Loll, so yeah. But at least we got the head and the base mostly done. Good enough for one day, as I got tired and snowy and my back hurt. Call me a slacker, but I just feel lazy today for some reason. >.> Hmph, not much else to write about. I wanted to walk to the gas station today and buy a candy bar for me and Moneymaker to split and share, but we're going up to Chicago next weekend, so Imma save my money. Or maybe Moneymaker can make me some money so that I'd have extra! :DD Mmm.. doesn't seem likely. She just about as lazy as me. Ah well, guess I'll just have to live with it until we get more motivated. I gotta get motivated quick though, because tomorrow is a school day. Speaking of school, there's a Haiku poem I have to have finished by Wednesday and I'd like to finish it early. I guess I'll go do that and then come back here for a little while longer. Adios!^^


The End

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