Journal #6

Dear Diary,
          Hhmmm.. bored again. Glad it's Saturday, though. Good morning, by the way! I don't usually do journals at the "break of dawn" so to speak, but I did today and yesterday because.. I dunno why. XD But anywho! So I have four peobles (<-- purposefully misspelled) including me that are currently working on this cool new collab that lovely Celine thought of. I'm really excited to see where this is going. Moneymaker said she'd jump in too, so I guess that makes five. Yay for Protag Collabs! :DD Ooh, somebody should make that a name for a new Group. "Protag Collabs". Catchy, yes? Yeah! So anyways, just wanted to check in before I go get my new phone and eat breakfast. Mmm, bacon! Welp, have a nice day.^^


The End

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