Journal #4

Dear Diary,
           Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I guess I forgot to. Well, if you've read the previous journals, you should probably know why. Truthfully though, I didn't post not because it was Mom's birthday, but simply because I forgot to. I wasn't on the computer much yesterday, anyway. Today was fun and stressful. Our school band toured to two elementary schools so that we could perform our contest-concert lineup. The seventh grade boys though.. ugh. I had to yell at them just to shut them up! That was the only way I could keep them quiet. Now, because of the yelling and playing my flute all day, my voice is hoarse when I try to speak loudly. Sigh, I guess this is just life. My life, at any matter. Sometimes I just wish my life were a little better than it is. But most of the time, I actually do enjoy my life. It's a lot like a roller-coaster, I suppose. Anywho, have a nice life, whoever you are, wherever you are.


The End

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