Journal #3

Dear Diary,
           I feel sad today. Yesterday, my little headache turned into a big migrane. It was short-lived though, as I took a medication for it and, after a short nap, felt a lot better. My school day went pretty normal too. The reason I'm depressed is because tomorrow's my mom's birthday. There's just one little kink in that-- my mom's dead. Sorry to sound so morbid; I guess I can be a little blunt sometimes. I just.. miss her a lot. More than anyone could know. And on top of grieving, her death has created a ton and a half of problems for me and my family. What makes it worse is that I'm only 13 years old. Sigh. This is one of the reasons why I'm so unhappy with my life. But I'm gonna make the best of it and be as happy as I can be for Jennifer and Grandma and Aunt Sally and Uncle Ken and everyone else. Because I have to, no matter what Moneymaker says. I have to. For Mom. I have to be strong for Mom.


The End

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