Journal #2

Dear Diary,
             Wassup? I have a headache. Not really a huge migrane, but just one of those little hurty thingies in your head that you get off and on sometimes. But despite that, I figured I'd come here to write about my day. Sigh. It had its ups and downs. I had a fight with an ex-friend because she completely dissed me and won't apologize for it and she keeps complaining about how bad her life is and how mean her mother is. She's talking to ME about how bad she has it and how deprived she is and how her mother's never done anything for her. What is wrong with people these days??! Anyway, I also had an upside. This morning, I stole Moneymaker's book that she'd finished reading and I brought it to school with me. I've been reading it throughout the day and it's kinda interesting.^^ Oh yeah, and it's my Grandma's birthday. Happy Birthday, Grandma! Loll~ Overall though, I had a nice day. Hope you did too!


The End

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