Journal #1

So, I decided to do a daily/weekly journal entry. Some days I might write about stuff going on in my life, some days I might just be random with my imagination. Anywho, happy reading!♥

Dear Diary,

  I'm bored. I dunno what to do. Welp, I suppose after I get off this retched computer I'll go play some xBox 360 and then watch some TV before going to bed. Moneymaker's in the living room with my uncle Kenny and they're looking for movies to watch. Aunt Sally's being really gross with her nettie pot or whatever. they all wanna watch a movie, but I think I'll bail from that and play Kinect Sports instead. I read Bleach Manga #527 the other day. So sad, I don't want Unohana to die that way! *sniffle* But anyways, I guess Imma get off for tonight. See you tomorrow! :3


The End

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