The Dolphin

'By extracting the creature from its natural habitat and studying its behavioural and cognitive reactions we will be able to understand more about it. The difficulty lay in the most humane way of doing it.'

The most humane way. 

You see this creature is not human. It is therefore deemed, by most humans, lesser than us. We are at the top of the food chain; we own the world. Whether you believe the bible in that we are the guardians of the planet, or simply believe in our scientific advancement over others we have set ourselves above everything else. 

But you see I believe that our ignorance over the superiority of other beings is only fuelled by the ignorance we have for our own limitations and failings. What other creatures are so possessed by their own image? Their own intelligence? Their own self importance? 

We create limitations through our need to obsessively label, to name, to shrink things to our own understanding. Our entire lives are made up of the importance of numbers and letters and all we ever do is continue and destroy. 

No other creature causes the destruction that the human race manages. The irony is that we are destroying everything that we need. We need oxygen. For that we need the trees and the plants that convert death to life. And yet we chop them down to make more space for our growing population; a population that is too large to support without destruction. Everything we do is in our own interests.

I suppose it is quite poetic that our destructive nature will one day destroy us too. 

Why do we insist on building walls? On harnessing nature? Why don't we leave well enough alone? Is the pursuit of our own expansion, our own glory, really worth the destruction of everything? 

Our lives go by in a flash and all we do is eat and drink and crave money and attention. The internet has largely become a way for people to post photos and messages in order to receive the attention that we crave so much. 

We have extended the basic nature of life, to survive and procreate, to an idiotic scale that defies belief. Our own systems and controls only succeed in separating us as though we are all different. To some extent we are but at the core we are equal. And we are just the animals that we destroy, that we use in experiments, that we use for our own gain. That is what we are, basically. We are animals, the same as any others. 

If we had never progressed to this level of intelligence and at the same time stupidity, the planet would not be in the poor health it is today. It is too late now, I agree, because no one is going to give up the planes and the cars and the internet. No one is going to give up their hair straighteners, their tv, their microwave. We are too settled in our ways to return to a simpler, less destructive time.

I predict that our destruction is closer than our beginning. 

I am staring at a dolphin, a creature infinitely more intelligent than the human. And I notice that it is not tied down, it is not concerned about it's bills, the state of economy... anything. Until it was removed from the ocean and brought here. Now it must be worried about the  destruction that will no doubt come from that same source I have been discussing. This dolphin now lies in the hands of humans, and who knows what will happen? 

It has been removed from its life for the purposes of experiment. Of the advancement of humans. 

And I ask you...

Why must everything bend to our will?

The End

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