Destined...To DieMature

 Chapter 1 - Sophies Point of View

Security breach! Security breach! the alarm screeched. I turned over and pushed a petite button on my bedside table. The screeching stopped. Finally.

Bog off, Jake. I murmured. I honestly hate days like these. Up early, meaning bed late. And Jake was waking me up. Why not Andrew? Or Tyla? Anybody but my uppity brother of the two!

Sophie, get up! Tylas house has been broken into. Theyre hurt! Jake exclaimed. At that I shot up and pulled some clothes on. Tyla is one of my closest friends, and weve always been there for each other.

When we got there, the whole place was a mess. Their lovely country house was completely trashed. To make it worse, the thieves made it look like young thugs had done it. It clearly wasnt, as when we got inside, not one artefact was touched. Not their samurai swords, their throwing stars, nunchucks, amulets, staffs or paintings. They knew what they were looking for. The only thing that was missing was the only artefact of real value. The Star of Chaos. Legend has it that this star has another half called The Star of Peace. If the Star of Peace and The Star of Chaos were to be put together, unthinkable evil will rise to take over the world to make it a living Hell. Doesnt sound too good. We found Joe, Tylas adoptive father, lying on the floor by their living room door. Rhee knelt down to feel his pulse.

Over here, A small voice called. Tyla stepped out of the shadows, beaten, but not upset about it, He took the Star. She carried on, but then her face crumpled and she started to cry. Whilst Jake and I comforted her, Rhee and Andrew looked for clues, Rhee in wolf form, Andrew using air to feel for disturbances. I must say, my brothers are very useful in detective work. They remind me of that book Rhee reads all the time, Skulduggery Pleasant. I havent read it yet. Rhee wont let me, but she says its awfully good. When Joe awoke, we noticed that a young lady was standing at the door, rather out of breath. I must say, she was rather breath-taking, and I thought that she might have just seen herself in the mirror for the first time. That wasnt the case, though, and the look on her face was pure anger. She took one look at us sighed.

Did she say who it was? I demanded as we rushed down the stairs. We ran straight past the kitchen, in which my other triplet Andrew was sitting and eating toast. My best friend forever Rhee was in there somewhere with him, I heard her clattering around. He noted that we ran at, and a few minutes later they both were standing outside by my car, and their arms full of toast for us. By know, you are probably thinking, Where are your parents? but you see, they died in an abseiling accident. Being mages and all, youd expect them to die a more... magical death. Apparently not. We got inside my little bug car and sped off to Tylas house. Hes alive, just unconscious. Wheres Tyla? Well, I had better explain what happened and who I am. When she spoke, her voice melodic. I knew instantly what she was, but I thought it would be better to keep it to myself... for the time being...

The End

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