An honest view

A brief analysis of depression, and wondering how to find the way out. [For funnyparadox and anyone else who feels low]

I think...when you're feeling constantly down and wondering when and how you ended up this unhappy, you tend to notice other people's cheerfulness more. People deal with depression (if that's what you're implying) in different ways, some mask their emotions...the point is, you can never really tell what someone is feeling because some people hide it with laughter and smiles and stuff.
     It's horrible having to go on living when you can't decide whether there's much point. Some people don't understand what the hell they were put on Earth for - I mean, it's not like we ASKED to be put here. I guess the point of living becomes clear later for those who can't see the point at this moment in their life. We live clouded lives sometimes...and I think the clouds are meant to fade away, but figuring out how to notice when they have faded away is difficult because it's unique for every person...I don't know...maybe I'm making this up on the spot or maybe it's how I really feel and it's just hard to express.
     Sometimes, people are depressed. And everything seems horrible and unbearable and we just don't know what to do or how to deal with it and it seems like no one understands because you can't even understand it youself...maybe the clouds will part and you won't notice because depression has blinded you. But you don't want that to carry on or it'll seem like finding the end of the tunnel of depression is going to be perhaps we just have to look for the end. Keep an eye out.
     I'm not sure whether this makes any sense to you...but it's what came out when I started typing. I wonder if you'll understand.

Additional note: I am sort of new to Protagonize and I don't know how collaborative writing works, but I want to hear your opinions and responses on this topic (if you understand what I've put) so I made it collaborative. If that's not how collaboration works, forgive me, and feel free to comment your ideas down below. Thank you x

The End

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