Depressed AngelMature

A mistake noticed too late, or too soon drives to an end.
(i suck at summarys)


Tears began falling from jade eyes as they finally seem to open for the first time in a long time. She looked over what she had done, and it filled her with disgust and hate so strong it almost smothered her.

Stronger than anytime before her forbidden acts call out to her wounded soul, offering sweet release. She succumbs to her desire, and lets it take her away from the pain.

The blade parted her skin, almost lovingly, leaving behind a trail of thin ruby lines. The lines begin to grow until rubies flowed down her arm.

The release brings her to her knees as she sees those pale blue eyes in the rain splatter glass panes.

For a moment, only a moment she believes it to be real, only a moment.

The pull of darkness is stronger than ever before, promising to take away all the pain.

Her body falls towards the floor.

Pale violet lids rimmed in thick lashes close, and she imagines she feels strong arms pick her up and cradle her to a rain soaked chest.

She almost feels his hand brush back her ebony waves and kisses her forehead gently.

She almost feels the tear, or is it rain drops, fall on her pale face.

She almost feels the chest shuttering with every breath.

She just almost thinks the voice she hears is real.

She almost opens those Jade green eyes.


The End

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