Girlfriend, you got to know

Before time will let it show

He's the kind of man who will only show  you his five o'clock shadow

Eyes are windows

And his are all fogged up

He’s classy like Baby duck in a dixie cup

He can only give you the nightlife

Girlfriend, you’ll never ever be this man’s wife

By morning he’s always gone

And your left wondering if something went wrong



Sing with me girl

Sing for sweet relief

Forget love

Lord give this girl freedom

You’ve been singing that say song for way too long

“ I belong to you

These puppet stings have bound you to me

Entwined around your fingers

Wave me away and I will draw nearer

Push me away and tangle up these strings

I am your possession

You are my obsession”



Girlfriend, you are pushing me away

You know the truth, all he’s good for is a roll in the hay

Covering your ears won’t change a thing

What does he really bring?

All I’ve ever seen is the sparkle of your tears

The reality of all your fears

Don’t push me away for that




Girlfriend, I can’t just stay mute

I’ll zip my lip, when you stop this pursuit

He’s tuna baby your caviar

Stop spending your time with that liar

He’s making you feel like he’s all you got

And leaving you to rot

That’s nobodies fantasy of love




The End

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