Postmortem Blues

Down in Miss’ippi

In my sheet metal shed

I don’t know what hit me

But it sure knocked me dead

I got dat postmortem blues... 

   (Postmortem blues!)

I was lookin’ for a hoe

Had my back to the do’

And then I fell to the flo’ 

After a pretty good blow 

Over the head


Now who do I know

That’d wanna get rid o’me

Did my wife or my chil’ren

Have a trick up their sleeve?

I got dat postmortem blues

   (Postmortem blues!)

Naw, my baby’s so fine

And she wouldn’t hurt a fly

And my son’s a good guy

He wouldn’t want me to die

I believe


My Beverly baby

I love her the most

My sweet summer lady

Her bacon and toast

I got dat postmortem blues

   (Postmortem bluuuues!)

But at my funeral, yeah, 

She didn’t look very sad

I bet she would’ve worn black

If she knew that I’d come back

As a ghost


But what about Lily?

Could she be that low?

She did say she’d kill me

But that was so long ago

I got dat postmortem blues

   (Postmortem blues!)

I would’ve seen who had done

It if they just hadn’t run

Y’know this ain’t any fun

I can’t trust anyone

Until I know


The good Rev’rend Jenkins

Said me a prayer

And that got me thinkin’...

Nawww, he wouldn’t dare!

I got dat postmortem blues

   (Postmortem bluuuuuues....)

He didn’t know I’ve

Been messin’ round with his wife

Would he have taken my life?

I never caused him no strife!

It isn’t fair.

The End

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