Keeper's Blues

They told me they might

They said they could

But I never really listened and didn't think that they would...!

I got dat O'l Keeper blues

They had enough for a team minus two

If thats what they gotta do- then cuttin us players is something they gotta do

So I flop on the dirt

And slide on the ground

And listen for the evaluators approving sound

I got dat O'l Keeper Blues

They just stare right though my soul

I think I might go crazy-can't take this no more

Now Tryouts are over

It's quarter to nine

My teamates keep sayin' I'll do just fine

I got dat Ol' Keeper Blues

They think I'm so good and I know it ain't true

Ok, I guess I'm being modest- on a scale of one to four, i'm a two

So the coach emails us

And says be ready

Cause he'll tell us if we made the team by this saturday

I got dat Ol' Keeper Blues

He says he's impressed and excited

But I know he's just saying dat- to make us try to like him!

Yea yea, that Ol' Keeper blues

So I chew of my nails nervous and confused

And through all this trouble- all I get is 9% of my body brusied


The End

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