Dem Blues!

Imagine a twelve bar blues riff, then sing your heart out onto the page about whatever got you down today. The ultimate catharsis - a healthy dollop of comic irony is helpful but not essential. : )


Well I woke up this evenin'

And fell outta bed

You best be believin' I found somethin' stuck to my head -

I gots dem mouse-dropping blues!

Those critters done pooped up all over my floor

Yes, I'd reckoned they were friendly - but I won't be puttin' no cheese down anymore


Well I went to the basin

To get myself clean

Catch sight of my face in the mirror and what do I see?

I gots dem mouse-dropping blues!

Brown pellets all up in my twelve o'clock fuzz

Well I used to say 'live and let live' - but it's hard stayin' holy with butt-nuggets killin' your buzz


Well I fixed me some breakfast


The box didn't say 'chocolate sprinkles' so what the f*ck are those?

I gots dem mouse-dropping blues!

They tasted alright but they gave me the runs

I believe it's the final straw - I don't want no bloodshed but somethin' has gotta be done


Well I found me that mousehole

Mr.Mouse was at home

I got down on my hands and my knees and I gave him a taste of his own

He gots dem man-dropping blues!

I laid him a playmate right there on the pine

And if he don't get the message - well, I guess I'll just send him a bigger one next time


Oh, yeahhhh!



The End

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