I yawn and look at my watch "Wonder how Joy and Josh got on"

"No idea" Chris said

"But I'm sure your brother will tell us when he or if he gets back" Hope laughed and snuggled into chris

I sighed heavily "Think I'm gonna take a walk, the cart is boring me"

"Yeah, more like your gonna snack on someone"

"Nah, I had a big breakfast, but if your worried you two could come with me, of course I may feel the need to talk on and on about the books I've read over the holidays-"

"Thanks but I think we'll stay here" Hope presses herself closer to Chris

I smirk at them "Don't do anything that the security guys would actually watch" I slid open the door and closed it firmly behind me.

As I walked down the hall I felt the eyes following me, boring into my back "You boys want anything?" I purred and turned to look at them all, making my eyes sparkle.

I heard a shortness of breath and the increasingly loud heart beats and laughed in the silence "Sorry boys but I think you might not survive a relationship with me" I turned my head back and continued to walk down the halls, eyes still following me, but less noticable, it's a start at least.

The End

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