Well, it has been a while since I added to this.   I didn't exactly forget about it, but it certainly hasn't been at the front of my mind.

But let's get down to the fact of the matter.  I'm here to tell you about Toby.

Truth be told, I'm not sure exactly sure what Toby is.  Is he my alter-ego? Is he just a name I've given to a selected group of my own personality traits?

Is Toby me?

I don't know.  He could be any of the three or more.  I just hope Toby isn't a symptom of some sort of undiagnosed mental condition.

In order for Toby to make an appearance, I must dress like him.  This isn't a terribly difficult matter, as I have several gender-neutral sweaters.  Toby likes sweaters, particularly knitted ones in earth tones.  I ought to get some more of these, but since both Toby and I despise shopping, it is unlikely to happen in the near future.

While there are plenty of things that we have in common, such as our aforementioned dislike of shopping, Toby and I are quite different in certain regards.  For one--to state the obvious--Toby is a boy, and I, Chloe, am a girl.  The less apparent but more important difference is this: Toby isn't nearly as lazy as me.

Toby does my homework.

Toby cleans my room.

Toby does the dishes.

If I remember to dress like him in the morning, Toby will do my schoolwork and take my tests.  And Toby does much better on tests than I do.

Hold on a moment.

Toby has been ghost-writing this, and has grown bored of writing about himself in the third person while referring to Chloe in the first person.  He realizes that this is probably confusing, and thinks he should put this page to an end before anyone ends up with a serious case of brain-strain.


The End

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