Enter all major scene characters and align along upstage in the partial darkness.

Enter hooded figure still with lit match.

(recorded voice)  Now you have seen what I have exposed to you.  The world is a different place now.  It grows sinister and cold with fact and hatred through ignorance.  The blissful ignorance you once knew has morphed into something that destroyed your very blissful world and changed it into what we know now.

(invites fellow characters to flank Hooded Figure)

These people experienced firsthand the pain of the changing world.  It is not for the faint of heart nor the unready.  This new world isn't forgiving or beautiful.  But then really was yours?  Or was that all your imaginary creation to spare yourself the horrors of reality?  Reality has set in now and there's no turning back.

Now is your chance.  Will you sink or swim?

Snuffs match



The End

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