PTSD (7)Mature

Fade up to daylight lighting with nature sounds playing softly.  Veteran is seated on a stump by the road with his head in his hands.  His physicality showing he is emotionally disturbed.

Veteran:  (In episode), no, No! 

[sound of birds sacttering and quiet]

(Breaks back into reality) Ah!  Oh!  Oh my goodness...what is happeneing to me?  These horrible images plague me all the time now.  In my dreams these wicked nightmares replay my horrors of the war, and during the day, I get flashbacks of horrible events that I wish I'd never have to see again!  Images of fighting for my life and my country in the mud of the Dutch countryside and people being shot and bombed all around me.  I watched my childhood playmates, friends and comrades all die before my very eyes, and every day those images play again in my head to torture me of those memories!

I don't know what's worse:  fighting the war itself or coming back home.  Everything's different now.  When I first got back, everybody called me a hero.  "You did good," they had said and forgot about my fight for freedom for our country.  When I came back, I didn't have a job to go back to.  I had to start again from scratch on top of all this now plaguing my everyday life.  It's even harder trying to go back to an everyday routine.  I've changed since returing from war.  Especially with this.  My wife gets irritated with me more now; my children fear me.  My whole would has turned comletely upside-down because of this blasted war!

I know I've changed, but is it for the better?  What has happened to me to become this way?  Am I a monster?  What have I become?

Will I ever know?

Exit in wild confusion/terror


The End

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