The Great Depression (5)Mature

Fades up to daylight lights showing the street as a railway track with the souds of trains in the distance.  A small shanty sits beside the tracks with a transient lazing out front of it staring down the track.

Transient:  Did y'ever wish ya could spend the day jus' watchin'?  Jus' watchin' life go by in front 'a yer eyes as everybody else bustles around trying to keep things peachy?  I have that luxury, but I sure don't want it.  I'm a victim like may others to these hard times, without a home 'r work.  At least I don't have young'uns to support like many I seen.  I'm lucky enough to be able to pick up 'n go on the next boxcar my way to look for work and not worry about home 'r family.

It's hard though bein' this way.  Especially since everybody that aint too bad off thinks yer a good-for-nothin' bum when they see any sort 'a transient and makes sure we're shoved off again.  Bad times can bring out th' best in some but more often the wors' in others.  With jobs few and far between, it breeds unhealthy feelin's between close people and a sort of status where anyone hurt by it is poor 'n should be left to fend for themselves.  "Filthy transient," some say, treatin' us all like were thievin' winos who're gonna cause everyone harm. 

All I want is a job.  Even if it don't pay well, it's better than nothin'.  It'll gimme some respect in the town I settle in.  I'll be able to at least afford to feed myself, mayb' even a room to stay.  Beats a shanty like this that's for sure.  Maybe things'll ease up and time's get better.  I hope so for all our sakes.  (waves arms while standing beside the track)

[Train whistle]



The End

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