Vimy Ridge, WWI (4)Mature

Fade up to working lights showing an Allied Forces trench filled with eager men ready to begin Operation Takeover for Vimy Ridge in the morning.  Bombs and gunshots go off in the distance reminding everyone the ominous motif of war.

Enter Soldiers 1 and 2 seating themselves on some ammunition boxes.

Soldier 1:  Hey, you excited for tomorrow too?

Soldier 2:  Yep, sure am.  Hopefully were able to succeed soon and go home already.  I miss my family.

Soldier 1:  Ya I know what you mean.  It's been three years since I saw my wife last and now there's a toddler running 'round my house that never met his Daddy.  My hope is to return alive for him and his Momma.

Soldier 2:  That's my goal too.  I want to get back to my wife and our five.

Soldier 1:  Five!?

Soldier 2 (proudly):  Yep.

Soldier 1 (Whistling):  That must've been tough for you wife once you left.

Soldier 2:  Yea, I feel bad leaving her with raising five on her lonesome, but she reassures me in every letter that she's doin' fine and the kids are as crazy as ever.  It's a nice thought to hang onto when things get rough here.  (Wrings out soaked socks)

Soldier 1 (does same):  Yep,  I imagine my dogs propped up at home by the fire after long days on foot, helps keep the Trenchfoot away...or so I like to think.

Soldier 2:  I get that one, I imagine my wife and family snuggling all nice and close when the nights are cold to help me feel warm again.

Soldier 1:  And you re-read all your wife's letters when you feel homesick?

Soldier 2:  Yep I do, and even the little notes my eldest puts in with his little chicken scrawl.

Soldier 1:  Sounds cute.

Soldier 2:  Sure is.

Awkward pause between the two as Soldier One stands and looks around anxiously at the landscape.  Soldier Two justs remains placidly where he is.

Soldier 1:  Who do you think is winning?

Soldier 2:  Winning?  I don't really know.  I guess we'll find out once we move out of French territory or someone wires the Corporal.

Soldier 1:  But doesn't this whoe thing unnerve you?  The fact that there are German guys right on the other side, meer metres away and you don't know what they've got up their sleeve next.  It scares me what this world is turning into.  Will it always be war torn or unjust?  Is it something I want my kid being a part of?

Soldier 2 (stands up):  I'll admit it worries me too, but what can I do?  I can fight to the death for my country's freedom and my family's safety but that's all.  I just pray to God that everything works out for the best and wait and see.  (Pats on the back reassuringly and exits)

Soldier 1 (to self):  I wish I could have your sense of patience.



The End

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