Religion Vs. Science (3)Mature

Brighten lights to indicate daytime.  Enter chorus as random townsfolk walking along the town's street minding their own business.
Enter Young Man commanding everyone's attention with his copies of Darwin's Theory of Evolution and The Holy Bible.  Every person he appraches brushes him off and goes off on their merry way until they eventually ignore him completely.

Young Man:  Have you heard the news?  Have you been reading all the books as of late?  Did you know that some declare God to be dead and religion not the answer we're looking for?  This man Darwin says everything evolves by natural selection.  It confused me at first but now that I have read it, I understand what he is saying.  His evidence that things change overtime is obvious to me now.  And everything in this book is true!

But now I don't know what to do.  My pastor says its poppycock, all a pack of manufactured lies and reminds us that God created everything as it is.  I've always grown up to believe The Bible to be completely true, but now I'm not so sure anymore.  There are more and more tings that are beginning to come out that make more and more sense but it was not what I was taught!  I was taught that God created Day and Night, Land and Sea, Man and Woman and banished us all from Eden for our disobedience! 

Maybe that's what this is, maybe this talk of science is our disobediences coming to light through many natual coincidences...seems a little farfetched though does it not?  But it is possible.  Oh now I don't know what to believe!

Everything is so confusing and no one aroud here seems to want to address the cange in our world.  I'm left here without answers and unsure of which path to take.  I wonder if I am the only one...



The End

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