Gang Meeting (2)Mature

Fade up to qorking lights to show barren street with a grabage can firepit.  Some chorus members are circled around the fire miming chatter.  Light up stage right and enter Tom looking around nervously before easing into the setting and looking back where he came.

Tom:  Titus, c'mon!  Coast is clear!

Enter Titus looking fatigued.

Titus:  We almost there?

Tom:  Yep, just over there, and thank god we're on time.

Light up stage left and Tom and Titus walk over to group.

Link:  Hey Tommy!  I almost thought you weren't gonna make it!

Tom:  What made you think that?

Larry:  Thought maybe you were lucky and got good work.

Tom:  Yeah right!  Nice try you crazy loon,  I always knew you wanted my job as second-in-command.

Link:  Now, now piggies, calm down.  We're all equal here...unless you're me, who's leader and keeps you right, right?

Group (in individual voices): mhm, yep, uh huh, ya, yup, you got it, that's right

Link:  Good, good to know we have some structure in this world.

Scout:  Hey! Cops! Hide!

Groups scatters just as 2 Police Officers enter and parade down the street.

Officer 1:  I bet there's more of those hooligans out and about, infesting the streets and wreaking havoc.

Officer 2: Uh huh.

Officer 1:  They outta come up with something for these deliquents.  You know, get 'em off the street and doing something productive.  Beats them starving to death.

Officer 2: Uh huh.

Officer 1:  Is that all you ever say?

Officer 2:  (Pauses pensively) Uh huh.

Officer 1:  Geez!

Exit Officers and Gang Members re-emerge.

Scout:  Somethin' productive, eh?  You think anybody'd do that for us?

Larry:  Nah, we're a waste 'a money.  Can't work and parents can't afford to keep us.  The Gov aint gonna do nothin' for us.

Link (taking protective but hierarchal stance):  And that's why were here everybody, because we can only look after our own since no one else will.  I know we've lost some friends already to this abandonment but if we stick together, we'll ride this through.
(notices Titus)  Hey Tommy, who's your little friend?

Tom:  This is Titus, he's in the same boat we are.

Titus:  Hi.

Link (clapping Titus on the back):  Welcome to survival kid.

Tableau ending, no lighting change.


The End

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