Death of a young boyMature

What a child thinks...

He went to bed; depressed, angry, pissed and sad. He was on the verge of crying but in his head he said, "I need to be stronger for a little bit more, not for myself but because my brother needs me and my parents need me." His brother had just finished year 11 and was going on to the HSC. I don't know what to do anymore... Thinking he thought, drugs but no he was not brought up like that, alcohol nope he wasn't brought up like that then what the hell should I do? I want to die so badly, I pray to Haii (god) but he does not answer me with what I need which is death. I wished that someone would get a knife and kill me or a bullet to the head. I wish that I could give my life to one of the dying kids in Africa and take theor illness and have it, how he longed for that. He thought about getting the knife and stabbing himself, either killing himself or hurting himself he didn't care. Bur he didnt he just waited and nothing happened. He hoped that one day he could meet someone who he loved and maybe she could make his life better. For what else could he do but wait and suffer through the pain?

The End

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