Death by Loneliness (song)

I started writing this song when I was really suicidal, and I only just finished it recently. And I really love it, it turned out well. Anyways at some point I want to put this to music. Oh and I didn't repeat any lines but I probably should have :P

Take a deep breath in
Put the cold steel against my skin
Drag the steel across my wrist
Endure the pain with a clenched fist
I see the red soldiers rise
Here I am, watching my demise
And I start to think,
Keeping tears back with a blink
How my life was so bad,
All the things I never had
The pain rings
Then I think about the better things
My family whom I love
Among all others held above
Oh my god, what am I doing?
From this there is no undoing
I don't want to die
I don't want to say goodbye!
I don't want to be depraved
I want to be saved 
I crawl for help, I know I won't make it
I might as well quit
Save me
This is my final plea
Lying cold and bloodless
This was death by loneliness

The End

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