Theme and insanity

Miranda's mom has sprained her ankle, and Megan and her mom are dead, because of Reverend Marshall has brainwashed them. It is getting to dangerous to go outside and too cold. So the kids are being homeschooled. Miranda go greedy when she found some chocolate chips and when her mom found her, she made her eat them all. Then she said they were for Matt's birthday. So she feels guilty. But she also stole school supplies from the elementary school, for her homeschooling, and for her journaling.

    Something I have noticed is that the people in the book are going nuts. They have started stealing from and manipulating people. Civilization is crumbling and fast. So in case of emergency don't lose your humanity. Stay the way you are. don't stoop so low you become an animal. If the world around you is crumbling, don't act like the people in this book.

    So in the book, the people are going crazy and it is all because of this Moon thing. Even The main character, Miranda became greedy and has started stealing as well. I think they have all resorted to chaos, as a sheltering device. But, it could be that are all trying to survive, and have started using their primitive instincts to stay alive. Only because they think they have to. Some people however, who crave civilization can be easily manipulated by other people. Just so  they can have some controlling figure in their life to tell them what to do. Our subconscious is wired to make us crave a leader. So in the book I think there are two types of people, cavemen, and, the manipulated. 

The End

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