Dear Warrior {02-16-14}

Dear Warrior...

I do believe I've already written about this on a different blog, but I'll share this, anyways.

Awhile back, a friend was telling me about how she has a difficult time staying habitual with Bible-reading. She mentioned that she finds it hard to read the Bible every day, because she doesn't find the Bible interesting. I could tell she felt bad saying it, but she admitted to me that sometimes, she opens the Bible, reads a chapter, and feels like she's already read the same message a hundred times.

I'm telling you this, because I can relate. Oh, how I can relate. A couple years back, I'd go for weeks - months, even - without reading Scripture, because I didn't really feel that it had much of an effect on my life. And to be honest, I still find myself getting caught in that trap, on occasion. Only recently has Bible-reading become a thing of sustenance.

This seems to be a problem that plagues most American Christians - the Bible is so easily accessible that we take it for granted and don't really draw living water from it. If we need a quick verse to get us through a struggle, we reach over to the bookshelf or pull out our Bible-apped iPhones and flip or scroll through 'til we find a couple sentences that suit us. Anytime other than that, though, we don't really need to read it. It's all just old prophecies and stories about King David. That's what we tend to think, anyways.

Or maybe I'm alone in this? I don't know.

However, I find that when I am really immersed in doing the work of the Lord, when I'm fulfilling the call to be an evangelist, a fisher of men, the Bible suddenly becomes the only thing that keeps me clinging to sanity. When I'm out there in the spiritual battlefield, I depend on those neatly-printed black words on oil skin. The pages become rippled, because my tears are falling on them. I hungrily turn the pages, always searching for more, actively pulling strength out of God's Words. The more I follow the commandments written in the centuries-old Book, the more God's Letters and Histories become new and joy-giving.

The bottom line is, do what the Bible says, and it'll become interesting to you.

Maybe the Bible seems boring because we don't follow it enough. Maybe it seems like incessant ramblings because we don't need it - and maybe we don't need it because we're not really living it out.

Or maybe I'm speaking for myself, and none of this applies to any of you.

Whatever the case may be, it's a Good Book, and True. If nothing else, read it because it's Holy.

The End

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