Dear Warrior {01-02-14, a second entry}

Dear Warrior...

There's one other small point I'd like to make about John 4.

"Just then His disciples arrived, and they were amazed that He was talking with a woman. Yet no one said, 'What do You want?' or 'Why are You talking with her?'" (4:27).

One small verse, and yet, it says so much.

While Jesus was talking to the formerly mentioned woman, His disciples came to Him, after having bought food. And it says they were amazed that Jesus would talk to her. It also says that they didn't ask any questions.

You know, maybe they didn't ask questions, because they didn't want to interrupt the conversation. That's a possibility. But maybe there's another reason they didn't ask questions.

Maybe they already knew the answer. Maybe they didn't ask any questions, because Jesus did this type of thing so often that they already knew what He would say. Like, "There's no use in asking Him why He'd talk to her, because good grief! He's doing that whole Jesus thing again, where He talks to outcasts."

Yeah, I know, that might be reading into the verse a little too much. But don't you think it's plausible?

Even if my musing is wrong, I Love the fact that our Jesus has a track record of hanging out with the outcasts and saving the misfits, the least deserving.

Oh, wait. That's all of us.

The End

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