Dear Warrior {01-02-14}

Dear Warrior...

I'm not sure if I've written about this yet - this is the 149th letter, so forgive me, if I've already said this. Either way, though, it's a good reminder, so maybe reading it will do you some semblance of good.

I went on a tour in Israel. It was so powerful, walking in Jesus' footsteps in the Holy Land. One of the discussions we had was about what I'm about to tell you.

In John 4, there is a story best known as  "The Woman at the Well." In it, John records Jesus going to a cistern in the middle of the day, when a woman was drawing water for herself.

Let me give you a little background. Back in Jesus' time, going to draw water was a social activity. In the early morning, the young boys would bring their herds of sheep down the hill, and they would linger by the well - because pretty soon, there would come the young girls, coming to get their water for the day. As you can imagine, the cistern would be surrounded by boys and girls, laughing and chattering.

The reason the girls would draw water so early in the morning was because many of them had to travel considerable distances in order to get to the cisterns. If they went in the morning, they wouldn't have to walk under the roasting-hot sun.

Now let's get back to the story. John 4:6b says that it was noontime when Jesus came across the woman at the well. Why was she getting her water in the middle of the day, when it was so much cooler in the morning? I believe the answer is this: she wanted to avoid the social gathering. And why would she want to avoid the social gathering?

This woman led a very promiscuous lifestyle. She had had five husbands and was now living with a boyfriend. Our culture would probably have labeled her a "slut." Furthermore, she was a Samaritan, someone to whom the Jews were extremely prejudiced. If Jesus hadn't spoken  to her, nobody would have blamed Him - it would have been socially acceptable for Jesus, a Jew, to completely ignore her.

And THIS is what I Love about Jesus.

It mentions that Jesus was "weary from His journey," and yet, He engaged this woman, this untouchable, in a conversation. He asked her for water, when earlier in the chapter, it mentioned that the disciples were already going into town to buy food. You know what? I think Jesus went to the well, not because it was the easiest place to get water, but because He had a lost soul on His Mind.

Jesus' disciples came back and got Him, but only after He had reached out to this lost soul and saved her. He went out of His way, just to witness to one woman. One. One human being who, by all accounts, He shouldn't have even associated with.

And it made me realize...Jesus will stoop to any level to meet us where we are.

There is no distance He won't travel, and there is no place too far out of His way, for our Jesus. No matter where you are, He'll close the distance. Call upon Him, wherever and whoever you are, and He will let nothing stop Him from reaching you. He isn't concerned about how saving and associating with you will mar His Reputation. You might be so socially unacceptable that you only go out of the house when you're positive no one else will be there to see you, and He'll still come and get you.

He'll stoop to our level. He Loves us. Oh, how He Loves us. 

The End

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