Dear Warrior {06-20-13}, a second entry

Dear Warrior...

I also have something else to say. It's nothing new; I guess I'm just trying to solidify it in my mind. And who knows? Maybe someone out there needs to read it, too.

Today, I had a conversation with a couple friends about the future. It became pretty apparent that we are all suffering from the fear of not becoming everything we're meant to be. I know that I, for one, worry that maybe I'll miss the point. That maybe God has this stunning plan for my future, but I'm going to miss an opportunity and mess the whole thing up.

Actually, no, I don't think that's the way it works. I'm going to use a really lame analogy to get my point across. Prepare yourselves.

Say I'm driving somewhere, to go visit a friend or something. On the way there, I see a road is closed. Of course, I'm not going to turn around and go right back to where I came from. And I'm not going to decide on a different destination altogether. I'm simply going to navigate around the closed road and find another way to reach my destination.

One misstep isn't going to change whether or not I achieve God's purpose for my life. I highly doubt God's up there saying, "I see you've screwed up. Well, too bad, that's it for you. So much for my brilliant plan."

We make mistakes, and God works through it.

Now, if we consistently avoid God's plan and reject His prompts, then yes, we're going to be missing the point. But if God is truly working in us, and if we're truly surrendering to Him, we won't be consistently avoiding God's plan and rejecting His prompts. One missed opportunity isn't going to invalidate His plan.

It's not a guessing game out here. I am seeking God and growing to know Him, more and more. Remember those verses? Jeremiah 29:11-13? God has plans for us. And if we seek Him, really seek Him, we'll find Him.

The future isn't a hopeless chase or maze. It's got a map to it, and God is more than ready to help us discover it. He doesn't leave His children in the dark. If we follow Him with a wholly committed heart, there is absolutely no way we'll become anything less than who He wants us to be.

The End

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