Dear Warrior {06-20-13}

Dear Warrior...

Wow. It's been awhile since I've written! Honestly, I've been doing extremely well, these past few months. It's just that the writing inspiration I've received hasn't been as freely flowing as it used to be, due to things like work and college preparation and graduation. I'll be traveling almost nonstop this summer, too, so I don't know when I'll be writing regularly again. But don't worry; I am, at the core, a writer. I haven't lost my love for it.

Now that I've got that explaining out of the way...

Something has been plaguing me a bit, lately.

College is coming up. In the autumn, I'll join the ranks of all the other college students, trying to fit into my new schedule. But do you know what's worrying me the most?

I have so many friends and relatives who have been destroyed by the lifestyles and philosophies of college. Even some of my very closest friends' faiths have been greatly damaged...people who I never, ever, ever would've expected to be shaken. And I'm terrified, because before heading off to college, one of them even told me about all the steps they were taking, in order to insure their faith wouldn't be affected by the college atmosphere.

And I look up at the sky, tears in my eyes, and ask God, Why? Why have You led me here? I don't want to become like the others, whose lives are crumbling, whose minds are poisoned! Why can't You lead me somewhere else?!

I used to think that bracing myself for the devil's attacks was a sign of cowardice. That if I had to prepare myself to fight against specific temptations, it was somehow downplaying God's ability to rescue me from anything. But now, I have to laugh at that belief, because it's so obvious that being equipped with the tools to fight the war is necessary for victory. You know the whole "armor of God" thing? I think it's time to take that seriously. You know why I'm afraid of falling? It's because I know I'm not as prepared as I should be. God promises I'll never be faced with a temptation I can't handle or don't have an escape route from. And the God of the universe is willing to help me out of any mess.

I went downstairs today and asked my dad, first thing in the morning, if he would consider studying apologetics with me. I will be prepared, because even now, I am readying myself for battle.

So yeah, statistics show that a staggering amount of professing Christians go through college and give up their faith.

That's tragic. It's also not going to be me.

The End

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