Dear Warrior {12-19-12}

Dear Warrior...

Bondage is so cliched. There is absolutely nothing unique about it. Look around you; there is not a single person you see that doesn't struggle in some way. Everyone sins. Everyone stumbles. Everyone, at some time, has been separated from God.

Awhile ago, as you guys know, I made bondage into an idol. I worshiped the idea of having a label like "OCD" or "anxiety" or "depression" or "self-harmer," because I thought it gave me an identity (and legitimized my pain, but that's beside the point). I thought that somehow, my chains made me unique. But the truth is, chains are so common.

If we're looking for an identity, and we turn to pain, we're looking in the wrong place.

To be honest, far more of my friends are pursuing bondage instead of freedom. It is the free one who is truly unique, who truly has an identity. OCD? Anxiety? Depression? Self-harm? Lust? An eating disorder? Anger? Or any other form of prisonry? Come on, guys! How mainstream can we get?! Everyone has suffered from satan's lies! How can we find an identity, a uniqueness, in something that so many other people have tried?

If we want to be different, we must be free. There is no other way to be unique or have an identity. If we bow to sin, we're just like everyone else.

Freedom in Christ is the only thing that can set us apart from the clamoring crowds of prisoners.

The End

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