A List of Thanks

Note: I changed the names of the people mentioned, so that if you know them, you don't see them in a different light.

Gracious Giver,


Thank-You for life. Thank-You for sunshine, for each fresh, new, unscarred day in which I can exult. Thank-You for the joy that comes in the morning.

Thank-You for the gloomy weather. For days when it's easier to stay in bed than to get up and face life. Thank-You for the pain that accompanies so many of the new days that are ushered in.

Thank-You for Your outpouring of Grace for every moment...for the fact that the cup of wrath is empty, but the cup of Comfort is every full. Thank-You for Your Scars, for Your Wounds, for Your Death, for Your Resurrection.

Thank-You for my scars. My wounds. Thank-You for placing me in a family in which I am genetically predisposed to mental illness. Thank-You for OCD; thank-You for the strength to overcome. Thank-You for Your Enduring Patience, for Your Everlasting Kindness. Thank-You for never giving up on me.

Thank-You for the perfectionism...thank-You for the anxiety...thank-You for the depression...thank-You for the slow recovery. Thank-You for the ability to just.keep.breathing.

Thank-You for writing. Thank-You for Your Love Letters. Thank-You for giving me a talent for artistry. Thank-You for giving me sensitivity and caring and wisdom and a servant heart.

Thank-You for the fact that I usually am more open with my Love than others are, and so I sometimes feel rejected. Thank-You for the pain of sending letters, but rarely receiving them. Thank-You for rarely having friends over, because I live an hour and a half away from most of them. Thank-You for Ava telling me that my problems aren't as big as hers. Thank-You for Johnny commenting on all Idina's pictures, saying how lovely she is, but totally ignoring me. Thank-You for Alyssa not pursuing a friendship with me. Thank-You for Katie and Samuel telling me my laugh is too loud. Thank-You for Mia saying that Idina is prettier than me. Thank-You for Olivia deserting me for Idina. Thank-You for Marcus saying that my struggles didn't seem like a big deal. Thank-You for Victoria totally dropping our friendship. Thank-You for Geneva and Idina never letting me forget that I'm the "little sister." Thank-You for Alexis saying I'm too loving. Thank-You for eight years ago, when I was on vacation at Grandma's, and she said I was chubby.

Thank-You for the time I was five, and Lily and Tianna said they didn't want to play with me.

Thank-You for that.

You do ALL things well.

And, God, thank-You for my personality. My bubbly, loud, friendly, Loving, sensitive, pensive, creative, and often obnoxiously cheerful personality.

Thank-You for ME.

Thank-You for YOU.

Lord, thank-You for the promise that I AM YOURS.

Thank-You for not healing me, in an instant, from my wounds.

Thank-You for saving me, once and for all.



The End

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