Dear Warrior {10-14-12}

Dear Warrior...

Have you ever had someone reject you? Someone promised they'd never leave you, and then, they simply walk out of your life, leaving you in shattered pieces?

I know I have.

Until recently, I hadn't really believed that Jesus knew the depth of my sorrow, when it comes to rejection. Yes, I knew that Jesus had been betrayed not only by Judas, but also by His followers -but then, they'd always been sort of fickle, hadn't they? What I mean is, it didn't seem like Jesus knew the keen pain of having someone who'd always been faithful, who'd always shown his or herself as a loyal friend or family member, leave Him.

How utterly mistaken of me.

Tonight, as I was thinking about how someone who used to be faithful to me, who promised they'd neverevereverEVER leave, sort of left me hanging there, it occurred to me.

God the Father walked out on Jesus.

There Jesus was, hanging on the cross, suffering under not only immensely indescribable physical pain, but also from the guilt of all our sins, and then...God the Father leaves Him. God the Father rejects Him. Jesus is so weighed down by all our transgressions that God the Father turns His face away. Of course, God the Father returned to Jesus once He had been resurrected and no longer bore the stain of our guilt (it was just of Him to remove His favor from Jesus, because of the sins Jesus bore for our sakes), but He did leave.

Jesus understands. Jesus knows the pain I feel in having been left behind, because His own Daddy walked out on Him.

Warrior, He gets it. Have you been rejected? Run to Jesus; He has been rejected, too. He gets it.

And He promises that He will never, ever walk out on us.

The End

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