Point #1

I know, that was a lot of information I just threw at you.

The first reason for sharing all this is one that I think many of us can relate to. One thing I've noticed is that people who have a great capacity to perceive, understand, and care for often get carried away with trying to provide all-encompassing healing for the people they know are in pain. Being sensitive to others' pain is a beautiful, God-given gift that not everyone has. When used wisely, this gift has tremendous power to make the world a better place. But when sensitivity turns into trying to be a savior - that's when the blessing turns into a curse.

Today, a writer we know as LiquidDiamondTears posted this status (an excerpt from one of her writings) on Facebook: "'You can't save everybody, Phoenix. They have to discover freedom for themselves. If you bind yourself to guaranteeing their freedom, you'll lose your own.'"

How many times have countless people tried to help me see that trying to end someone's struggle for them can only end up in a multitude of struggles added to my shoulders? I can't even begin to tell you how the lie that "I have to try to save everyone around me" has torn me apart. After seven months (and counting) of counseling, I have improved incredibly in the area of not "saving" people, but it's still a struggle for me. Dude, seven months?! Okay, anyways.

You've all probably been told that you aren't responsible for other people's choices. If you haven't, then I'm telling you now: YOU AREN'T RESPONSIBLE FOR OTHER PEOPLE'S CHOICES, dangit! I am so serious. As LDT stated a couple paragraphs above, trying to force people to see freedom will only result in losing sight of the light, yourself. And once you've lost sight of the light, what good are you going to do for anyone anymore? Not to mention that it's unhealthy for your sake - but that's another matter, entirely, and one that I don't have time to address tonight.

I know, I know, I know. This is nothing new. This chapter isn't saying anything you haven't heard before. I just...felt the need to reinforce the truth that everybody needs to hear. Please, try extra hard to believe it tonight.

The End

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