Dear Warrior {09-30-12}, a second entry


The friend (I'll call her Emmie) who pulled me aside and went on a walk with me listened as I spilled my guts. I confessed my fears and my doubts and my bitternesses and my frustrations toward the person who'd sent me the text message about the bad decision she'd made. When I was finished, Emmie (who had been holding my hand the entire time as we walked) kept telling me that the anonymous friend's decision had been her own - there was nothing I could have done to keep her from choosing what she chose. Emmie reassured me that it wasn't my fault. She encouraged me and didn't share my belief that I should have kept my friend from making the choice she made. And when I called my friend to ask her details about what she'd done, Emmie linked her arm with mine and silently supported me as I talked on the phone.

I'm going to post this chapter, then post two more chapters about the two points of what I've been saying so far. I warned you that it'd be a long post. :)

The End

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