Dear Warrior {09-25-12}

Dear Warrior...

A few months ago, I went to a musical that many of my friends were in. It was a modern-day rendition of Pilgrim's Progress. That musical has impacted my life in so many ways, but there was one sentence in particular that has stuck with me and returned to my mind so, so many times.

I could be retelling the scene wrong, but I'll tell you what heard, regardless of what was actually said. I can't remember the exact context of the sentence, but this was basically the gist of what I heard. The Christian was talking with someone who was trying to convince him that he didn't need to ask God about his present problem - that the Christian should figure things out on his own, instead of bothering God and asking Him for help.

It was then that the character that represented God in the story exclaimed incredulously, "But I like it when you ask Me!"

Seriously. One small sentence, and it comes to mind so often.

Up until recently - okay, I'm still struggling with this mindset - I've believed that God merely tolerates my questions, that He simply deals with my pleas for help. I've always taken it upon myself to be as self-sufficient as possible, only asking God for help when there is absolutely nothing I can do to better a situation. I have shrugged aside His Word, believing that He doesn't really want to be there for me - He's just obligated to.

And what a lot of heartache it has caused me!

But...but what if I've got this all wrong? What if God wants to hear my sorrow? What if He wants to help me bear the burden? Or - even more radically - what if He wants to bear my burden for me?

I've been thinking about it a lot. When my friends come to me with their struggles and an honest desire to heal, asking me for help - doesn't that honor me? Yes. When my friends share their burdens, I consider it the highest privilege to hear their hearts. Not to sound morbid, but honestly, I enjoy helping other people through their emotional pain. It shows that my friends trust me and value me enough to share their pain with me! It's the complaining that gets annoying - not the asking for help. And I'll bet that God feels the same way.

What if bringing our problems to God glorifies Him?

What if taking our broken hearts to a form of worship?

It would change everything...wouldn't it?

The End

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