Dear Warrior {09-18-12}, a second entry

Dear Warrior...

Today, three dear friends of mine came to my house - they drove an hour and a half to get here!!! - and did the most ridiculous thing EVER! They flew into my room, bearing all kinds of ridiculous clothes - a clown wig, a velvet cape, a pair of angel wings, a polka dot apron thing - you name it, they brought it. They blindfolded me and dressed me up and took me out to the van. We drove to a little park, danced to classical music in a gazebo, drank cream soda, talked about things of varying degrees of scandal, and...yeah. It was fantastic. I'm telling you, I've never felt more ridiculous before IN MY LIFE...or more loved.

Later, after they went back home, my dad said, "Never again think you don't have any friends who love you, Cassandra."

And it's true. It's so true. This day will be evidence for the fact that I am loved.


The End

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