Dear Warrior {09-06-12}

Dear Warrior...

Victories aren't always grand and noticeable.

The other day, I was at work, and I needed to take medicine (I still can't quite get rid of whatever it was that I had a week ago). My throat was burning pretty badly (and dicing onions wasn't helping it, at all). I felt fatigued and headachey. But in order to take my medicine, I had to eat something.

So I went to the cash register, paid for a single breadstick, and asked the pizza-and-other-dough-products-makers to make me a breadstick.

Normally, it only takes, like, ten minutes (tops) for breadsticks to finish baking. But twenty minutes passed, and I still didn't have my breadstick. And being practically phobic about inconveniencing people, I didn't want to ask for the food.

I was miserable. I wasn't working as efficiently as I usually could, because of my fatigue. And I was absolutely petrified of being an inconvenience by asking for my breadstick.

And I thought, I'm allowing myself to be sick, all for the sake of not asking for a breadstick that I even paid for?

So...I went up and asked my employer (he's the main one who makes the pizzas and breadsticks and such) and timidly asked if my breadstick had come out of the oven or not.

"They're up on top of the oven."

"But...there are five up there. I only paid for one."

"They're all yours."

I was taken aback and kept thanking him profusely. We all laughed. And I ate two breadsticks. And I took my medicine. And I jumped for joy, right there in the middle of the restaurant, because I was so elated that I'd actually spoken up for myself. And really, speaking up for myself wasn't that bad, after all.

I know this might not seem like a big deal to you, but it is a big deal. Every battle you fight - every war you win - it's a huge deal. Little victories are just as necessary to the cause of freedom as big victories are. Maybe, your victories lately have been as seemingly insignificant as asking for a breadstick. But they are victories, all the same. Don't let the devil take away the vast amazingness of a victory by telling you that it's small, that it doesn't matter.

Because it matters. It does. So you keep fighting that fight. You keep winning that war. You keep heading off to battle. Every. Little. Victory. Counts.


The End

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