A Prayer I Wrote in My Bible

Here's an example of what I mean by God giving us joy, even in the hard times.

I write lots of random tidbits and prayers all over the pages of my Bible. Here is a prayer I wrote in Romans. :)


My Beautiful, Beautiful Savior,

I am near tears; oh, how great is my pain! Yet I am near laughter, for Your joy resounds within me, ricocheting off the ever-softening walls of my very soul! Your abundant supply of joy never ceases to astound me! How is it that I can be in so much pain and sorrow and heartache, yet my heart leaps with joy and peace and trust?

Lord, You Are Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! Oh, how I rejoice! Oh, how triumphant You and I Are! You Are showing me that it's possible to dance in thunderstorms...and that often, those dances are the most joyful, the most meaningful!

Lord, thank-You! I Love You! You Are Beautiful, Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL!"

The End

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