A Call to Courage

Pretty soon after I got out of the car, a fellow senior (who I'll call Joe) and I told the kids about miracles. Joe talked about three miracles Jesus performed, and then (even though I was still being cowardly and had asked Joe to take over the entire lesson), I felt like God wanted me to say something.

I spoke up and, in the shakiest voice imaginable, told the kids about a painful part of my life...and how God turned it around. And how even though it wasn't anything like someone dead coming back to life or a blind man being given sight, it was still a miracle. And for the first time, the kids got it. I could see the recognition in their eyes. I'd given them something they could relate to.

And the girl who had been standoffish hung out with me for the rest of the time, actually laughing with me and racing me and seeing who could swing the highest. 

What I hadn't expected was that my story touched my fellow classmates, too. Several of them came up and talked to me about it afterwards.

What I said made a difference. God knew what He was talking about when He told me that He had me there for a reason.

Let me take this moment to tell you that God seems to have a habit of choosing the most cowardly of cowards to carry out His plan. I mean, take the famous Moses or Gideon or Jonah, for example. If you don't know their stories, look 'em up. They're pretty noteworthy. My point is, they all started out as cowards, but God worked through that and turned them into pretty influential people.

And then, take me. I mean, even after God had used five people to encourage me to stay, I was still planning on running away from His plan for me for that night! He had to make my stupid car break down in order for me to stay!

Warriors, if God can use cowards like Moses and Gideon and Jonah and me, I know He can use you, too. You might be running from Him right now, but He still has a perfect plan for you, just waiting for you to discover.

You - yes, you - are a crucial part of His plan to carry out His story. Not because He needs you - heavens, He doesn't "need" any of us! - but because He wants to include you - you! - in His glorious plan. Are you fleeing Him right now? He'll kill your dumb car battery so that you're stranded somewhere, if that's what it takes for you to stick around.

You are a part of this battle. You are His Beloved, Redeemed, Forgiven, Chosen. You are a part of a bigger scheme.

Have courage, dear Warrior. Don't set your sword aside just yet.

And even if you're a coward, He's still going to work through you. You have been warned.


The End

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