Dear Warrior {08-11-12}

Dear Warrior...

Heh. Uh...

Yesterday was one of the weirdest days I've ever experienced - definitely on my top five. So many things happened. I kind of...went crazy...but not in a bad sort of way. Just in a weird sort of way. I'll stop beating around the bush and start telling you about it. I'll write a chapter explaining the events of the day to you so that you can better understand the point I'm going to try to make, and then, I'll write a chapter that actually makes the point itself.

First thing. After waking up from an almost sleepless night (which certainly contributed to the weirdness of the day), I met a friend for lunch. She - get this! - wrote a song that she dedicated to me! We went to Panera and talked about all manner of things, from our journeys to freedom to our relationships with our families to matters of a much more scandalous nature. :) It was the perfect start to my day. I don't know if I'd have been able to make it through if I hadn't seen her before the rest of the day happened.

The next thing was a counseling appointment. I told him right off the bat about my self-harm (thank-you for making me promise to tell him, Rossie!), which led into telling him about feelings and rejections I'd never planned on telling anyone, which led into why yesterday was so weird. Oh, and before I tell you the next part, GUESS WHAT! He talked to my parents about family therapy! :D And the conversation went well! But I have to tell my family about the self-harm. I mean, I don't have to, but I'm supposed to. Gah. That's another matter entirely.

Okay. The weird part.

I was on my way to the service project that my senior class is doing (the one where we play games with the inner city kids, and I tell them about God), but I seriously had an emotional breakdown. Almost as soon as I got into the car to go from the office to the place where the service project was, I started full-out sobbing. Like the kind where you gasp for breath because the tears are practically choking you. That continued on for an hour and a half without pause! My stomach, heart, and face physically hurt so badly because of all the crying taking place.

I got to the place for the service project, but I sat in the car for a full hour, not wanting to get out and face my fears. I was about to drive away when the unexpected happened.

The End

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