Dear Warrior {08-05-12}

Dear Warrior...

Whew! Finally a chance to write!

This morning was quite a scare. My sister woke me up at 5:30 a.m., asking me to get our mom because her head hurt so badly she couldn't even move. The next few hours were spent in the hospital, with my sister hooked up to I.V.'s and getting all kinds of tests done. It turned out to be dehydration - not the best thing ever, but certainly much less traumatic than we'd originally feared.

We're all back home now. After 2 liters of water were pumped into my sister, and after she'd received strict instructions to drink a lot more water than she'd been drinking, we came home.

On the way over to the hospital, my sister almost threw up. She told me to put my earphones in and listen to music so that I couldn't hear her if she got sick. I was fairly convinced she had the stomach flu. The beautiful thing is, as I was nervously planning how I could both be a good sister and still keep myself a safe distance away from any throwing up that might occur, I looked out and saw one of the most beautiful sky displays I'd ever seen. I'll spare you the details, as I tend to get overdramatic when trying to describe things, but I'll tell you that the metallic silver clouds, when cast against a deep grey-blue backdrop, were absolutely breathtaking. I truly believe it was God's way of telling me that no matter what happened, everything was going to be okay.

If you know me decently well, you'll know that throwing up is my worst fear, perhaps even to the point of a phobia. To sum it all up so that I can move on, let's just say that the fear of throwing up caused me to suffer from intense anxiety almost every night for a long period of time.

But as we were riding in the car on the way to the hospital, it occurred to me...I'm not freaking out about this.

And it was true! Yes, I was nervous, and yes, I was thinking about how to prepare myself if my sister actually did throw up, but I was not anxious. I emphasize the previous statement because it's pretty important - at least, to me. And it was then that I realized that even though I still have a lot of psychological difficulties, by God's Grace, I am so much healthier than I used to be.

Recovery doesn't come in a snap. It might just happen that you won't even notice how free you are until you are faced with circumstances that normally would have driven you back to your chains. Warriors, if you keep fighting hard and keep pursuing Him, I promise that the day will come when you look back and see how far you've come.

The war for freedom can be the most painful experience of your life...but it is just as accurate to say that it can also be the most beautiful, as well.

And one day, you'll stand atop a mountain and hear God whisper, "Look how far we've come."

Let's keep persevering.

The End

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