You Will Not Go Unnoticed

You Will Not Go Unnoticed

Do you ever feel as though your pain is just passed by
Like people will turn away from you if you dare to cry
Have you ever wondered if anyone could ever care
Or believed that your struggles are for you alone to bear

Just turn around, stop running, and let the tears fall down
It's okay sometimes to let your knees buckle, okay to hit the ground
There's a point where you just can't be strong anymore
Shoulders were made to cry on, and that's what love is for

Do you feel as though the only way for them to hear
Is to pull yourself away from everything you hold dear
Do you fear that if they see the battle scars of your heart
They'll leave you by your lonesome to tear yourself apart

I'm here, and I care, and my arms are always open for you
Please, don't think I can save, but I can help you fight for Truth
It's my desire to help you stand in your weakest moments
You will not be scorned, and you will not go unnoticed 

The End

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