Dear Warrior {07-31-12}

Dear Warrior...

I need to let go.

Last Last week was just embarrassing. As I've said before, I made no progress last week - in fact, I would venture to say that I regressed. I could give you a recap of all the bad things I did, but let's face it. That'd only be a way of further punishing myself.

But...I need to let go of that. I need to let go. I need to stop dwelling on last week's mistakes. I need to stop focusing on how humiliating it is to be considered a leader and a role model, then turn around and return to chains that I'd thought were under my feet. I need to stop fixating on the fact that I almost burned myself, and in the process, almost burned out all my hope.

I need to let go.

Holding onto last week's crap (if you'll pardon the use of the term) is doing me nothing. Well, I mean, it's making me miserable - and I used to think that was a good thing. But not any longer. I will not hold onto memories of failings as a way to punish myself.

I am letting go of the shame. It was never mine to keep.

So...I'm starting over. Last week was last week. I will live in the present. I will remain the warrior God created me to be. I will live in triumph. And the past losses will have no effect on my future victories.

What are you holding onto? Are you living in the present? Or are you constantly being reminded of the ways you've fallen?

As I write this, what are you feeling? Are you feeling the warmth of victory? Are you feeling the joy of freedom? Are you feeling the chains of defeat? Are you feeling the curse of self-condemnation? Are you feeling the thought of a blade against your skin?

Let's let go. Together. Let's move on and continue to fight on. I am giving you permission to let go.

The End

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